Review: "The Book of Life" Blu-ray is a Delightful Feast of Excess


The Book of Life is an exuberant, almost overwhelming riot of a movie that is a blast of fresh air in the increasingly crowded field of kids’ animated feature films. It delivers a carefully calibrated measure of excess, overwhelming audiences with its visual flair and energy by drawing on Mexican folk art traditions, especially those surrounding the Day of the Dead. However, the movie also keeps tremendous depth and genuine feeling in reserve to ensure it’s not just a triumph of style over substance...

Published Feb 04, 2015

'The Book Of Life' Puts Latino Culture Front And Center


The Oscar race has brought a lot of attention to the fact Hollywood is — let’s face it — very white. This year, a lot of films, filmmakers, and performers of color found themselves largely MIA during award season. One of the most surprising Oscar omissions of a film reflecting ethnic and cultural diversity was in the animated feature film category, when The Book of Life failed to receive a nomination. This gorgeous animated tale adapted from Mexican folklore is unique and imaginative, with a visual style that stands out at a time when most other computer animated movies tend toward a lot of the same visual choices...

Published Jan 23, 2015

Immersed in Movies: Re-Entering 'The Land of the Remembered' From "The Book of Life"

Animation Scoop

Jorge Gutierrez spent considerable effort in designing and animating Manolo's arrival in the "Land of the Remembered" with Reel FX. It's one of the highlights of The Book of Life, which is in Oscar and Annie contention. We explore the making of this crucial moment with the first-time director, and you can view four exclusive clips below.

Published Jan 07, 2015

2014: My Best Films Of The Year – The Top 10/11 (Part 2 Of 2)

Movie City News

The Book of Life – My favorite animated film of the year going away, this is a film doing what mainstream of animation has stopped trying. Pixar may flip that script again next summer with Inside Out. But for me, this simple tale of a girl, two guys, and two competing “gods” is endlessly inventive, wildly beautiful, fearless about mixing and matching genres within sequences, and manages to deal with life and death in a way that kids won’t fear. This is one that got away.

Published Jan 06, 2015

Jorge Gutierrez on ‘The Book of Life’ and Bringing Mexico to Hollywood

Cartoon Brew


Jorge Gutierrez talks like a man on a mission. For the past decade-and-a-half, he has sought to bring a more authentic portrayal of Mexico and its people to Hollywood animation.

Published Jan 06, 2015